TromoGram $5000 Event

TromoGram will distribute $5000 for new user's this month

Tromogram is a social media platform that gives you opportunities to earn cryptocurrency tokens via connecting friends together. You can connect with new friends, engage with friends by sharing memories, creating pages, groups, events, blogs, articles, forums, posting jobs, raising funds, and many more.


TromoGram will distribute $5000 for new users this month. To participate in this event users have to complete come requirements task. All those tasks will be counted by our auto robotic Bot. There is no chance of fraud, spam, or making a fake account to participate in this event multiple times. Then your all account will be banned for lifetime.

The Tasks are given below 

*Create an account in TromoGram 

* Follow Our TromoGram Team account

* Like Our TromoGram Page

*Join Our TromoGram Group

* Create a topic in Forum 

* Follow our TromoGram Twitter

* Like our TromoGram Facebook Page     
* Subscribe to our TromoGram YouTube            

Don't forget to comment and share this article.  Additionally, you can able to earn in TromoGram by using its features. Refer your friends to earn more.
Your Event prize will be sent to your wallet in December.

TromoGram Team

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